Fun Motherhood Four Different Points of View

Motherhood Four Different Points of View is the topic for this month and I’m not quite there yet! The great thing about this topic is that I have many great examples of what motherhood should look like.

I’m surrounded by great women who have shown me by example what it is to be a mother. Since I am expecting my first child and I am getting ready for the blessing of becoming a mother; I am just hoping I can measure up to the examples in my life. 

Motherhood Four Different Points of View


Motherhood Four Different Points of View

This first part of motherhood is crazy weird. Everyone keeps coming up to me and telling me that this is beautiful and amazing, and I just think it’s weird. There is a little human inside my uterus moving and I can’t control what he does. Not only that, all the tests, shots, my changing body and not to mention my emotions. I never cry, I mean never. However, I can feel myself getting emotional and I have to check myself when I’m crying watching Rayna James died on Nashville.


Motherhood Four Different Points of View

My job is stressful and demanding right now. I came home from school and practice yesterday at 6:30, ate dinner and then I literally passed out on the couch. I love my job, every single aspect of it! Teaching and coaching is pretty tiring when you are not pregnant, so now that I am pregnant, I am exhausted. I feel super blessed to have amazing co-workers and assistant coaches who help me at every turn. 

I am so glad that I am working right now, even though I feel tired and awkward frequently. It keeps me busy and takes my mind off the fact of actually giving birth to the child. It freaks me out to think about it. I teach anatomy and I know what happens; I have watched several births. It does not look too fun to me. Not to mention, every time I go to Momma Kim’s house she tells me another not so pleasant experience she had when she was giving birth. Which, Matt thinks is so fun to bring up at every turn. It’s safe to say, I am sufficiently freaked out to become a mother, but I have to keep reminding myself that people do it every day and survive.

Motherhood Four Different Points of View

On a lighter note, shopping for all the baby clothes and necessities is super fun! Matt will never admit it but he loves it too! Andie showed us this app called Wish and we have literally bought 10 outfits. We decided we should delete the app so we can get rid of our addiction and as I am typing this Matt just sent me three screenshots of outfits WE NEED to buy! It cracks me up to watch Matt get excited about all the things baby boy! I love it and I am getting excited to get my little munchkin here!

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