Money Saving Grocery Shopping Apps

Saving money is all the rage at our house. Check out these two money saving grocery shopping apps!

In our household we have been attempting to save money. Matt is the King of Coupons, like I feel like he saves every coupon and then I go around the house and throw them all away! Lately, we have been making weekly meal plans and shopping lists and then Matt goes through his ibotta app and finds what’s on sale that lines up with our shopping list and a few things that aren’t on our list.

He unlocks the rebates before we go shopping, unlock cash rewards on great products by completing simple tasks. Then we go to the store and shop, you can scan the products as you are walking around to make sure you got the right item. You then verify your purchases by scanning your product barcodes then submitting a photo of your receipt. Then they deposit the rebate cash into our ibotta account within 48 hours. Which is linked to our Paypal account. Over the last year we have had over $250 deposited into our Paypal account on about 230 rebates and there are only 2 of us. It adds up quick, especially since you can double these up with paper coupons! For more information click here!

Since we do the majority of our grocery shopping at Walmart, because it’s closest and significantly cheaper than other grocery stores, it’s like a double whammy! Now the ever frugal husband of mine, also downloaded the Walmart app, and they have a savings catcher feature. Where if a competitor offers a lower price on a product then Walmart will reimburse you the difference. You don’t even need to look up the ads Walmart does it automatically for you when you scan your store receipt.

After you scan your receipt they compare prices with your top competitors in the area and then get you the difference on a Walmart eGift card and then you can spend money at Walmart. Matt has received $50 in the last 6 months! For more information click here! It’s 50 bucks just for scanning your receipts.

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