Mom and Me Workout – Free Printable

I made this mom and me workout free printable because I love when I feel like I get two things done at once. Working out and quality time with my son are two of my top priorities and this is one way that I don’t have to chose between one or the other!


I have been trying really hard to consistently work out lately, but it has been hard because I have a very active three year old, and a not-so-consistant napping one year old. If I workout first thing in the morning, my three year old gets bored. If I work out during naptime then I have no time to shower. If I wake up early and workout I don’t wake up early and workout. I kept thinking, “I just need to hire a personal trainer who will make me workout no matter what!”


Then I realized that the fittest, most active person I know is my three year old. He is always jumping and running. He basically never stops, so why not make him my personal trainer! I came up with this workout and he loves it! It is a great way to play together, and get my cardio and strength started. Sometimes this mom and me workout is all we do, or sometimes after we do it he is ready to go play with his toys for a minute by himself while I do yoga. It is amazing!


DOWNLOAD Mom and Me Workout free printable here!


I love when I get to cross two things off my list at once. This is such a great way to bond with my son and workout without feeling like I’m throwing the TV at him every time I want to do something for myself. 


What do you do to get your workout in?





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