Kimberly’s Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!!! I’m so excited to share with you my Friday Favorites for this month!

I guess this is going to be a beauty Friday, who knew that would be my main subject this Friday!

First of all, I’m so excited for Spring!!!! I planted my flowers in my pots last week and it made me so happy! I know, I know, they tell you to wait until Mother’s day but I heard a gardener on TV the other day that said it was okay to plant now, so I did. If you live in Utah, like I do, you know that we have had a cold Spring and we even had snow this morning!! I have been freaking out about my plants, but their fine! Tip of the day: if you do plant your flowers and the temperature go low, take a garbage bag and cover them.

When I was trying to decide on gifts for my in laws for Christmas, who have everything, I decided to get them a DNA kit. I also got one for my 18 year old adopted daughter . My husband was not convinced that this was a great plan. Everyone who received the kit was so excited to get it and it was so fun to get the results. My Andie found out she was 12% Irish and she is thrilled! She is convinced that is why she is so sassy!

We have been getting a lot of cute things in the Lou Lou Girls Shop! This is my favorite right now (yes, it will change). The material is so soft and the shirt is flattering on everyone! Look at those sleeves, so cute!!

A year ago, I heard about microneedling, and I wanted to get it done on my face because I believe healthy skin is beautiful. If your skin looks good, you feel better about yourself. My skin was looking pretty bad! The coloring looked weird and I didn’t love all the fine lines I was getting. I didn’t know if it would work and it was really expensive, so I kept putting it off! Then I found Dorothy that owns Kaizen Lashes and Aesthetics. She has amazing prices and she does a amazing job! I have had 4 treatments and the lines around my mouth are getting smoother! It hurts like heck but well worth it!

I have never been one to get my fingernails done, but I love getting my eyelash extensions every 2 weeks! I have had different people do my eyelashes over the years and some of them didn’t do a great job. So I would go without them because they would fall out too fast or they would irritate my eyes. It seriously matters who does your eyelashes! My girl is Ashlee Haws at 56 West Salon in Spanish Fork. The prices are good and she is amazing! Since I work on the computer all day, it’s nice to know that if I go somewhere I look semi decent without a lot of prep!


Thanks For Stopping By!


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