The True Meaning of Easter #PrinceofPeace

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 I have been busy running around town getting things ready for Easter egg hunts and family celebrations, and I love every minute of the preparation and the smiles on each of little kids faces when they gaze upon the glorious eggs spread on the lawn. There isn’t a day that my heart and spirit doesn’t keep reminding me that this is not the true meaning of Easter. I’m so glad that we have the opportunity to enjoy the Easter bunny and focus on Christ.

I am always trying to find ways to teach my family to bring Christ into their lives. I was thrilled to find out the LDS church has set up a calendar for the week, leading up to Easter that gives simple ideas that will help you this Easter Season to be filled with the Prince of Peace.

The subjects that are covered on the calendar are:









When I read through the calendar, I could not help to think about how each of these have touched my life in some way and how important, especially in the world we live in that we should take the time to embrace these teachings. I know for me, when I look at something like this, it always feels a little overwhelming because I think I need to do something huge but the reality is that it’s the little things that matter.

I’m going to do each of these suggestions from the calendar. Compassion and Gratitude really stood out to me. I think we all have compassion for each other but sometimes it’s hard to take the time to really focus on it. One of the suggestions is to think of someone you love and make a list of their good traits and give it to them, I have done this several times in Young Women’s as a activity and it is always amazes me how it makes that young lady feel. We need to remember that from the very young to the more experienced, each of us need to know that we are loved and needed.
One of the suggestions for gratitude, is to say a prayer where you only thank God. This was suggested in one of our Relief Society lessons, a few years back. I tried to do it faithfully for several weeks and I couldn’t believe how it impacted my life. I know I’m blessed but sometimes it is good for you to hear it out loud and let Heavenly Father know that you recognize your blessings. May your Easter season be full of joy and love!


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