March Friday Favorites!

Friday Favorites! So many things make me happy! I’m sharing some of my favorites this month! Please tell us yours in the comments!

Friday favorites Hey! Jessica here! Every Friday we’re going to be sharing our favorite products/ things with you! We think it’s a fun way for you to get to know us a little bit better, and for us to get to know YOU! We hope you’ll comment and tell us some of your favorites too! 

Here are some of the things I’ve been enjoying lately! 

Disneyland! A week and a half ago, our family took a spontaneous, last-minute trip to DISNEYLAND! Disneyland is my favorite! I also LOVE anything spontaneous! We booked our hotel and our tickets to the park the night before we left and we enjoyed one day at Disneyland park. We didn’t do a park hopper pass, because we knew we wouldn’t have time, and it saved us some moolah! 

Our friends watched our youngest, and we hit the park hard from the early morning to LATE at night! 

We were exhausted, but I’m still on a Disney high!

CRAFTS! We’ve been doing some fun crafts this week, because my kids are out on break for a couple days, I’m not sure why, but I like it, so I don’t ask questions!

This week we made bath bombs and DIY bath crayons! It was so fun! I love doing fun things with my kids because I know it creates valuable memories!

Grapefruit! My neighbors brought these home-grown grapefruit from their home in Arizona!! They are HUGE and super delicious!


Beauty Bubble Blenders! I love these! They are so great for your skin! They don’t soak up all of your product and you can rinse them off with soapy warm water every day when you’re done! Trust me! You need these! They’re in our shop right now! Get them here

What are your March Friday Favorites!? 




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