March Friday Favorites!

Friday favorites

The month is nuts for me! I have a love/hate relationship with the month of March! Here are my March Friday Favorites!

Friday favorites

My favorites are ever changing with this pregnancy! Right now I am craving foods I used to hate to eat and right now it’s the only thing I want. 

First I have been craving Mexican food, tomato sandwiches and cotton candy!

Non food favorites are sweatpants that don’t smash the baby! If he feels restricted in any way then he kicks non stop, which gets rough when it’s the 10th inning and you’ve had to use the restroom since the fifth inning! 

I love the sunshine! I swear spring is never this warm this time of year! My field is already as hard as a rock, so I’m hoping that it will rain. I have never wanted rain in the spring, but we need it desperately! Also, I love when it rains how it smells and makes the world feel so fresh and clean.

My job is the best job in the whole entire world! My dad tells me I work a part time job all the time. He is joking, he knows how much time I put in! It doesn’t even feel like work showing up to work everyday and hanging out with teenagers. They are fun, funny, and amazing! I learn something new everyday! It’s the end of the term so this week has been a little crazy! However, I still love my job!!



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