Fun Leprechaun Chex Mix

Leprechaun Chex Mix

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day and Leprechaun Chex Mix is better than a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


Leprechaun Chex Mix



First of all, whoever tells you they hate Lucky Charms, they are lying! When I was younger I remember my mom would buy them and then she would pick out all of the marshmallows, so we would go to have a bowl and there would be no marshmallows.


Don’t even deny it Kimmer, she would also eat the frosting off cupcakes and cake. I mean it’s probably pretty normal because I do it now.


Matt had to keep me from eating all the marshmallows while we were making this because I guess Momma Kim rubbed off on me. So what can be better than Chex mix with lucky charm marshmallows?


Nothing is the answer you are searching for! Give this a try!

Leprechaun Chex Mix


  • 7 cups Rice Chex 
  • 1 cup Lucky Charms cereal
  • 1 bag dark chocolate mint M&M’s
  • 1 bag white chocolate chips
  • 1 cup of JUST the marshmallows from Lucky Charms box
  • 1 bag semi-sweet chocolate chips





  1. In a large bowl combine Rice Chex, 1 cup of Lucky Charms, and M&Ms.
  2. In a microwave-safe bowl, melt the chocolate chips in the microwave for 30 seconds on 50% power. Stir and repeat until the chips are completely melted.
  3. Pour the melted white chocolate over the cereal mixture.
  4. Stir carefully to combine, try not to mash the Rice Chex.
  5. Stir until the mixture is completely coated with the white chocolate. Add in the marshmallows.
  6. Then pour the mixture onto wax paper or parchment paper to dry and spread it out.
  7. Allow setting until white chocolate has hardened (about 45 minutes) and then drizzle melted semi-sweet chocolate over the top.
  8. Then break into pieces and store in an air-tight container.

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