Hop Into Spring, Lou Lou Girls Favorites!

Spring is right around the corner and we’re getting excited!! Come see what’s going on here at Lou Lou Girls this Spring!

Jessica here! Spring is one of my favorite seasons and now that I have a yard of my own, I’m all excited about adding more and more plants! I would love my yard to look like a Garden of Eden, but that’s expensive, so I’ll have to do it little by little!

Here’s what we did last year, click here to see all of the plants we used! 

I want to add a few more trees this year, and possibly some flowers, we’ll see how that goes though. It’s been crazy busy here the last few weeks!

Another thing I love about Spring, is sitting on my front porch and enjoying the beautiful warm weather and the rain fall!

When we were kids my mom (Kim)  would always sit on the porch with us, bundled up in blankets and watch the rain and the lightning! It’s one of my favorite childhood memories, and I love the rain now too because of her! 

I’ve always wanted a cozy porch, so that I would have a place to watch the rain with my cute little 4 kids! Last year we decked out the front porch with this Hanging Gutter Planter! It’s my favorite and I can’t wait to fill it with fresh new flowers in a few weeks! 

Another thing I love about Spring is Easter! Doing crafts with my kids is one of my favorite pass times and every Spring I start feeling crafty again! The winter blues are almost over and it just feels like the best time to get crafting again. 

Here are some Easter Surprise Eggs we made last year! They are so fun to make and it will make it feel like Spring in your home!!

We always make a big ham for Easter Sunday; which means we always have leftover ham! These Chicken Bleu Pinwheels are super delicious with leftover ham slices, and the kids can help make these too! Bonus!!

Something about letting the kids help me cook makes me feel like a good mom, so I try to do it often. It’s quality time with the kids, and they’re always excited to eat what I’m making if they help, so that usually means they’ll eat their veggies! 

Plus, they’re learning new skills that will last a lifetime!

Another thing I love about Spring is DIY projects. A couple years ago we put our trampoline in the ground! It’s the best thing we’ve ever done! 

The wind blows super hard here in the Spring, and this keeps our trampoline in the ground and not in the tree! Which has happened to our neighbors!! Plus, I like that the little kids can get right on and off without help from me, and it’s not as far for them to fall if they fall off! 

Get the instructions to DIY here

Finally, Spring is an awesome time to get organized! I share a few of my tips for getting the house organized here

What do you like about Spring? 

OOOH! I almost forgot! Another thing I like about Spring is buying new Spring clothes!! 

We have a TON of new items in our store this week, including the wildly popular floral dresses and shirts! CHECK IT OUT!!! And use the code Friends10 for 10 % off your first order!!

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