Hop into Spring with Lou Lou Girls Favorites! Part 2!

Spring is right around the corner and we’re getting excited!! Come see what’s going on here at Lou Lou Girls this Spring!

Spring time is one of my busiest times of the year! With school having only one term left and the students getting cabin fever, I am going crazy! The warm weather finally decided to show up which is amazing! Being the softball coach at my favorite high school everything is just getting crazy up in the Reese household. Things that I realized when I started thinking about what to write for this post is that we have a lot going on and a lot of changes are about to happen to our little family. We have a baby on the way and Matt is about to graduate in Chemical Engineering! Which means, new job, kid and possibly (hopefully) a new house! There have been a lot of things running through my mind.

First, softball season is going on right now and it’s super exciting. Last weekend we were in St. George in the warm weather with the best group of girls I could ask for. We had a blast especially in our last game that went 10 innings! The baby could feel my excitement and he kept kicking and rolling around. The days are long and warm but worth every second.

Second, we had our gender reveal recently and I did it with my softball team. Matt couldn’t wait and told me I could do whatever I want for the reveal! Here is some pictures of that!

Third, with everything going on we are trying to keep our house in order. The thing that I have found that helps keep our sanity is planning meals on Friday night and making a shopping list and then buying everything Saturday and getting ready for Sunday. I feel hectic right now and I feel like I’m just keeping my head above water right now! 

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