Hop Into Spring With Kimberly

It’s true, when Spring finally rolls around, I get a little excited! It seems like Winter lasts forever and I’m thrilled to have the feeling of everything being new and fresh! So let’s hop into Spring together!

Depending on what stage you are in with your family, Spring can be a crazy time! Everything is going on, dance recitals, end of year programs, softball, and in our case, birthdays! Still, all the crazyiness of life brings so many memories that it out ways the negative! This year, Andie is graduating from high school and she is a finalist at 2 colleges to become a Ambassador for their schools! That means we have been finding creative ways to showcase her personality so she will have this opportunity, and she will also receive a scholarship. She is blessed with talented siblings and in laws that help her shine!

After all this insanity, it’s time to focus on the rest of the Spring activities!

Easter egg hunt! I have been getting everything ready for our family hunt. Okay, it’s true, I go a little crazy when it comes to this. I always want it to be bigger and better than last year’s hunt. I found a lot of great things on Amazon and I love that they bring it to my door. If you are looking for a couple different ideas, check out our out of the box hunt or our Christ-centered hunt!

Softball! We haven’t coached for a year and last night we went to team selection. It was so fun to see the girls that we had coached in the past, and I love watching softball! The girls are so cute!


Spring cleaning. I haven’t started yet, but it always feels so good when your house gets the once over before Summer gets here. It makes everything smell so fresh!

Start the garden! I have a confession, we aren’t the best gardeners but we keep trying each year. I love fresh tomatoes, corn and peas, that’s about it! Last year we tried to grow a giant pumpkin and gave it tender loving care but still the bugs got to it and it died! We are trying again this year, wish us luck!


Rain!!!! I love the smell of rain! Cassie will want to kill me when she reads this because it messes up her high school softball season.


What is your Season?? I would love to hear from you!!

Thanks for stopping by!



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