Hop Into Spring With Amber

I am loving the spring weather!! It has totally given me the spring cleaning bug, and even though I’m a housework hater, I am loving it!!



Spring cleaning has always been one of my least favorite things, but for some reason, this year I’m all over it. The two biggest things I’ve done are organize my pantry, and organize my closet. It has felt so good to walk into a part of my house and have it be clean and stay clean!


The reason my closet is so clean is because it is SO bare! My second baby is about to turn one on Friday, so after two pregnancies, two postpartum bodies, and two nursing wardrobes, I had a lot of clothes stashed in my closet that just weren’t working anymore. I was so sick of searching every morning for an outfit that I wouldn’t feel fat in, was cute, and yet functional as a mom. One night I just lost it, and pulled out every single thing that was the opposite of that. If it made me feel fat, it was gone. If it didn’t make me feel cute, it was gone. Then I seperated my clothes into three categories: Date night outfits, Church clothes, and functional mom outfits. 


Organizing my clothes this way has been AMAZING!! The date night and church clothes rarely leave their spaces and are easy to put back, because when I’m getting dressed in them it usually means I have more time. The mom clothes always go straight to the wash because they get so dirty, and they are at the front of my closet so it makes hanging up the laundry pretty quick. I am so glad I did this!



Don’t worry though, my closet isn’t going to be too bare for long because GUESS WHAT? I’m about to make my first purchases for our new shop!! If you haven’t been to the Lou Lou Girls shop be sure to check it out! We really want to focus on providing women what they need to refuel. For me, I feel refueled when I take some time to better myself or our home. Adding some new stuff to my wardrobe or picking up some home decor is the first place I start. And let’s be real, when mom’s happy, everybody’s happy!


My pantry isn’t quite like the gorgeous, artistically organized ones you can find all over pinterest. I simply got bins from Costco, and organized everything in the order that it is most used. If it is frequently used, I put it at the front of the pantry. If it is rarely used it is in the back. This may seem like common sense, but take a good look at your pantry. Is your stuff organized this way? Or is it categorized by related items? My pantry is still categorized by related items a bit, but if one pot is used more frequently than another, then it is at the front of all the pots. It has helped so much when cleaning up, and our pantry has never stayed organized like it is now!


What have you done so far for Spring cleaning? Do you have any other organization tips for me? I’d love to hear about them! I also am struggling to figure out how I can make our matted down carpet look better so if you have any tips there please share!





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