Amber’s Friday Favorites

It’s Haden’s birthday this week so of course he made the favorites again!! He’s just so dang cute! Here are a few other things that have made life a little more amazing.

  1. Haden is one!! Today is Haden’s birthday so he gets the number one favorite spot!! He is so dang cute and smiley. We love him so much! His birthday shirt is from Lil Threadz, an awesome Etsy shop with the cutest party outfits.

2. Portable Activity Center: This thing is amazing!! It has been so helpful while we’ve been working in the yard because I can set Haden in it and know that he is safe. I also bring it to play dates a lot, and put it in our bathroom if I need to take a shower while he’s not napping. He loves it!! 

3. City Select Double Stroller: You guys. Worth every penny. This thing is awesome!! My son keeps calling it a transformer and it totally is! He loves facing inwards so him and his brother can play. I love how easy it is to change the seats, push, and fit in the car!

4. Chatbooks: I just got our first batch and they are so fun! I was sold the moment I heard the word “easy”. They are perfect for moms!



5. Ikea: I’ve been making a lot of trips to Ikea this month because I’m trying to finish decorating our living room. (2 years later…) I love how innexpensive and family friendly it is. 





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