Friday Favorites! These are a few of our favorite things!

Friday favorites

Friday favorites!  A list of all the things we’re finding joy in this week! From new beauty products to fun moments, we’ll be sharing every Friday! 

Friday favorites

Yesterday was a rough day! We had a couple, pretty major, family emergencies. So posting a Friday Favorites for the first time seems a little weird, but I think it’s also really important to look for the positive, especially when it seems like things aren’t going so well. 

So here goes. Here’s a list of things I wanted to share that I’ve been enjoying this week! 

These 4 kiddos are probably always going to be on my Friday favorites list!! I am celebrating these cute innocent faces tonight! They bring me so much joy; especially when they have impromptu snuggle sessions like this!  

Let’s face it, being a mom can be SO hard sometimes! Kids rarely listen, and I’ve been struggling this week because 2 of my kids tried out for a play and only one of them made it… That’s so hard for me, especially since the one who DIDN’T make it is SO awesome on stage.

Oh well, life goes on, and I’m probably more worried about it then she is…I hope. I hope I can instill enough confidence in her to try it again! My heart is breaking for her tonight though! 🙁

My next Friday favorite is this guy…

He braids hair, supports me when I’m feeling stressed and is pretty much the most perfect husband out there. Yes, we have disagreements, but I lucked out with this guy. 

My next favorite is something I picked up while we were attending blog conference this past weekend. friday favorites

Just a dab of this Bosnia Exfoliating Peel Gel, gently helps remove dry skin! And I love that you can feel it working immediately! Awesomeness in a bottle my friends!! Really!  Get it here. (aff. link) 

And finally, I’m loving the new shop! It’s so fun getting new outfits to share and I especially love this new purse that I got for the shop!


I’m keeping one for myself! I love the gray and white! So cute and plenty of room for diapers and wipes and fruit snacks! But, no one will know it’s my diaper bag! I gave those up long ago! 

What are your favorites? What are your guilty pleasures AND the important things that bring you joy? We really want to know! We read all of the comments and respond! Join in the conversation! 





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