Friday Favorites! These are a few of Cassie’s Favorite things!

Friday favorites

Friday Favorites! These are a few of our favorite things! I’ve got a lot of favorites but for this month these are my Favorites!

Friday favorites

When life gets busy I tend to stick to I know I love, I don’t know if you guys feel the same or not. These are my favorite things for the month of February!

Favorite #1 – My absolute most favorite is my husband Matt! He is currently in school to become a chemical engineer. He is a perfectionist and so am I! That is why we work so well together because I am also this way and so when I ask him to help me with something I know what I’m going to get! He used to work for a painter and he loves to do wood work, his perfectionism definitely shows through.

Favorite #2 – Would be chocolate strawberries! I know I make cake all the time and it may seem like I love it. However, for my birthday I never want cake, I want chocolate covered strawberries.

Favorite #3 – Matt and I have been doing a lot of research on smokers. Last summer Matt and I bought an electric smoker and we really do love it but we still aren’t getting the smoke ring and bark that we want on our ribs and are afraid to try expensive brisket if we don’t have that down. We have decided we need to get a pellet smoker based on our research. This is one of our goals of things to buy! The Texas Elite Grill is the smoker of my dreams!

Favorite #4 –  Softball Season! The season is coming up and tryouts are in 10 days! I’m super excited for the sun, fresh air and my super cool kids! 

Favorite #5 – Pepsi! I’ve been a Diet Pepsi girl for ages but now that I’m pregnant, I can not handle the taste of it. At all. I have now taken up Pepsi. 

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