Friday Favorites – A Few of Amber’s Favorite Things

This week my son has had RSV, so you can bet our Owlet Smart Sock is on my Friday Favorites list for practically saving his life!



Hello! Amber here. Life has been a little crazy this week as I’m sure you can guess from what is on my list of favorites.


The number one favorite for me this week is this little guy because of how tough he is! He is only 11 months old and has RSV for the second time and a double ear infection, and yet you wouldn’t even know he’s super sick because he is so smiley and happy! No more getting sick little bug!



2. In second place is our Owlet Smart Sock. This smart sock has been an amazing tool for peace of mind while Haden is struggling to breath! It is a pulse oximetry meter hidden in a sock so that while your baby is sleeping you can check his heart rate and oxygen levels. We had our first red alert the other night, which meant that the Owlet was reading a low level of oxygen in his blood. I was getting ready for bed when it went off and ran in and picked him up. Sure enough he was having an extremely hard time breathing. We gave him a dose from his inhaler and his breathing got a lot better and everything was fine. I don’t know how I’d get any sleep without this thing! I highly recommend it to anyone with a baby.



3. I’ve of course been so grateful for doctors, nurses, and modern medicine this week. I am so glad that they are there for us when we need them!



4. My husband and I have been re-watching The Office and it has been a really good break from the stress of our baby having RSV. Jim and Pam just need to get together already!



5. This slide has been a life savor for my three-year-old who is getting really jealous of how much attention his little brother is getting. Plus it is super snowy outside so it has been a great way for him to get his energy out. I love it because it is light and easy to transport, and yet can take it when my rowdy boy jumps on it. Also, he earned it for finally going poopies on the potty so it’s been a win win win all around!!


What have been your favorite things this week?







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