Find Your Happy Home Part 2

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Here is Find Your Happy Home Part 2! As the Lou Lou Girls, we could not be more different. 

Find Your Happy Home Part 2

Find Your Happy Home Part 2


Happy Valentine’s Day! Our whole goal on the Lou Lou Girl blog is to help you find your happy home. When Jess and I were growing up we were very different and we still are. Jess was always so talented, she could sing, dance, act, do gymnastics, super beautiful, and popular! I always looked up to my big sister I thought she was so awesome! I loved to hear her practice singing, it was my favorite. Unfortunately, I did not have the same talents she had.

I really enjoyed sports! I played three sports in high school for all four years, I played soccer, basketball and softball! I loved every minute even though I was never really the star, I just loved my teammates! I went on and played softball and soccer at Snow College and totally loved my time there. Next I went on to coach softball at my old high school with my old coaches. They taught me everything I know and I really appreciate everything they taught me and that they allowed me to hang around with. Now I have my own program at a rival school and coaching is one of my biggest blessings. 

Matt and I have been married for a little over three years, and now we are expecting our first child! We are so excited we can barely contain our excitement. We find out soon what we’re are having and Matt is convinced it’s a girl. I’m not so sure, but whatever it is we will be happy as long as the baby is healthy. Everyday my students ask what the gender is and if we’re going to find out or be weird and wait? I don’t personally think it’s weird to wait for the child to be born, but I’m just impatient. I’m pretty sure they are just excited for me so I think that they are cute for asking, but try being asked about 45 times a day. 


Find Your Happy Home Part 2

Secrets to a happy home for Matt and I vary based upon the season. In the Spring, I love coaching softball, it entertains me while Matt is killing it on his homework for Chemical Engineering. Summer and Fall time are my favorite seasons, we love being outdoors! Top five list of things to do would include: camping, hiking, canyoneering (thanks Zac for teaching us), any sport activity and any outdoor project!


We love to also build things, we have built my mom a barn door, Lisa a doll house, a table, an outdoor patio and we have big plans for this summer so stay tuned. We also love cooking together and the occasional day of just being together and relaxing. Matt is also my sanity when it comes to cakes and projects because he is just as big of perfectionist as I am. We feel so lucky that we can just hang out and be content with one another!


Find Your Happy Home Part 2

What makes your home happy? What activities do you and your husband enjoy?

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  1. Love it! Was just talking about this with a friend, life is too short not to take a moment and figure out what this is for you!

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