Find Your Happy Home & Happy Life Part 3

Find Your Happy Home & Happy Life Part 3! As the Lou Lou Girls, we could not be more different. 

Find Your Happy Home & Happy Life Part 3!

Find Your Happy Home & Happy Life Part 3!

Hi! Amber here. Our whole goal on the Lou Lou Girls’ blog is to help you create a happy home. There are four of us Lou Lou Girls, each at different ages and stages of creating a happy home, so we hope through this series you can relate, learn, and share with us in our quest for a happy home. 


The number one thing that’s been on my mind lately for creating a happy home is actually me. Ever heard the sayings, “when mom’s happy, everyone’s happy” or “happy wife, happy life” ? Well for the past few months, a happy mom was an issue. I’d been moody, annoyed, and down right unhappy around my family. I was pretty sure I could chalk up 75% of it to post-partum issues, but once my hormones worked themselves out I still was left with constant feelings of unhappiness. 



I wasn’t necessarily depressed, but after hours of listening to me my husband (careful not to be trying to “fix it”) pointed out that I wasn’t owning my happiness. I was focusing all my efforts on things I couldn’t control, and therefore was feeling empty, inadequate, and unhappy when things didn’t work out.


I realized that I was feeling super inadequate about being a mother and a homemaker. After my husband helped me realize that I didn’t have to focus on my weaknesses (aka. decorating skills, cleaning skills, cooking skills, patience) I started to focus on my strengths (organizing, researching, determination, etc.)


I realized that instead of wasting my time beating myself up over my lack of skill, I could instead enjoy getting organized and researching to improve my skill. I got a bunch of books on parenting, I wrote up a plan to keep the house in functioning order, and I have a plan to start building my cooking skills. I also made a chart to remind me how to own my happiness (which I will share tomorrow) because guess what, I’m dang good at making charts!



I no longer feel so inadequate, but instead, feel determined to learn. I am happier about my situation, not because it changed, but because I have a new perspective on it. I am more hopeful and therefore more positive and patient around my family.


What have you done to help yourself feel adequate in homemaking or motherhood? I would love to hear! I’d also love to hear what you want us to share! How can we help you in your quest for a happy home? 







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