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The choices we make in life should be largely affected by the path we want to take! If we don’t know where we want to go in life, it really doesn’t matter which path we choose!

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Adapted from Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1898), 89.

This month’s focus for the youth in our church has a lot to do with deciding where you want to go in life and why the choices you make in life really matter. I’m a leader in the young women’s program, and I got the opportunity to teach the lesson, “Why do the choices I make matter?” You can see the lesson here.  

This got me thinking a lot about the choices I’ve made and how they’ve affected my life, and the lives of those around me. Every choice I make now, directly affects 5 other people, my husband, and my 4 kids. So I’d say, it’s pretty easy to see why the choices I make matter. 

When you’re younger and no one depends on you, it can be pretty easy to justify stupid decisions, because you think (stupidly) that you’re the only one you’re affecting. 

That’s just not true. 

We all have people that love us. Everyone does. Really! Even if it feels like no one on this earth is there for you. We believe that there really is always someone watching out for us and He loves us. In fact, He loves us more than anyone on Earth ever could. He knows our hearts and minds. He sees us! REALLY sees us, and wants us to return to live with Him in Heaven. So, every choice we make really does matter, because it will ultimately either bring us closer to God or further away. 

I love the following passage from the talk “Choices,” by Thomas S. Monson…

“I have been thinking recently about choices. It has been said that the door of history turns on small hinges, and so do people’s lives. The choices we make determine our destiny.

When we left our premortal existence and entered mortality, we brought with us the gift of agency. Our goal is to obtain celestial glory, and the choices we make will, in large part, determine whether or not we reach our goal.

Most of you are familiar with Alice in Lewis Carroll’s classic novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. You will remember that she comes to a crossroads with two paths before her, each stretching onward but in opposite directions. As she contemplates which way to turn, she is confronted by the Cheshire Cat, of whom Alice asks, “Which path shall I follow?”

The cat answers, “That depends where you want to go. If you do not know where you want to go, it doesn’t matter which path you take.”

Unlike Alice, we know where we want to go, and it does matter which way we go, for the path we follow in this life leads to our destination in the next life.

May we choose to build up within ourselves a great and powerful faith which will be our most effective defense against the designs of the adversary—a real faith, the kind of faith which will sustain us and will bolster our desire to choose the right. Without such faith, we go nowhere. With it, we can accomplish our goals.

Although it is imperative that we choose wisely, there are times when we will make foolish choices. The gift of repentance, provided by our Savior, enables us to correct our course settings, that we might return to the path which will lead us to that celestial glory we seek.

May we maintain the courage to defy the consensus. May we ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong.”

Read the whole talk Here

So todays Free LDS YW Printable goes hand in hand with this topic because the choices we make should be largely affected by the path we want to take! If we don’t know where we want to go in life, it really doesn’t matter which path we choose! I hope we’ll all take a little more time to focus on what’s really important to us, and make choices based on where we want to end up, and not based on a fleeting moment of excitement. 

This post might seem a little sappy, and spiritual, but that’s who we are here at Lou Lou Girls. It’s the center of everything we do in our homes. And it ultimately shapes everything we do here on Lou Lou Girls too. 

Thanks for reading!

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