Easy Pyramid Potty Chart

Pyramid Potty Chart 

Pyramid Potty Chart

Pyramid Potty Chart 

My son was making a lot of progress potty training until Christmas break. We were super busy and we all got lazy about it. I wanted to do something to revive the progress. Because he had been doing so well before with very little thought for rewards, I didn’t want to just start giving him candy every single time he went. I came up with this pyramid idea to start off heavily motivated by rewards but then progress to him going even though he knew he wouldn’t get a big reward every time.


We went to the dollar store and he loved that I let him pick out the toys. I was afraid he’d throw a fit the first few times he didn’t get a toy after going, but it surprisingly went great!  He still is in pull-ups because he doesn’t like to poop in the potty, but I would definitely say we’re back on track again!


Pyramid Potty Chart 


  1. Pyramid Potty Chart – Free Printable
  2. Rewards
  3. Stickers or Marker to check off progress




  1. Explain to your child that on every colored square they will get a potty prize!
  2. Take them to the store and let them pick out some prizes.
  3. Put a sticker on or mark off their progress with a marker!


Good Luck!!



4 thoughts on “Easy Pyramid Potty Chart”

  1. This is a great idea! We’re going to start potty training our daughter soon so this will be handy. I think she’ll also love that we’ll finally buy all the toys she puts in the cart when we go to the dollar store, lol!

  2. After trying charts, schedules and potty training books with me, my mom took a much more laid back approach with my younger sister. First, she waited until my younger sister actually WANTED to use the potty. Then she put the potty chair in the living room, where my sister would see it while playing or watching TV. She replaced my sister’s diaper with a pair of underpants, and said “There’s the potty for when you feel like using it.” Within a couple days, my sister was potty trained without any stress to either of them.

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