DIY Super Fun Chore Chart

DIY Super Fun Chore Chart 

This DIY super fun chore chart  is awesome because it was made by a kid! My 3-year-old Cooper is really fun-loving and doesn’t mind helping with tasks as long as he thinks they are fun.


The problem is though he gets distracted super easy, and I’m not exactly Mrs. Patient. When I started teaching him to clean his room I would get frustrated really quickly with how long it was taking and either end up just doing everything myself, or getting mad at him and taking all the fun out of it. 


DIY super fun chore chart


Cooper always knows how to make things fun though, and after each task, he started to ask for things like high fives, and hugs. That is how I got the idea for this chore chart.


Not only do the magnets make it fun for him to open and close the flaps, but he loves doing the “rewards” after each task. I even left one free for him to choose (he usually chooses to hide and seek).


His cleaning skills aren’t perfect of course but it is a great way for us to spend some quality time together while I feel like I’m winning as a mom by teaching him a skill! Wins all around!


DIY super fun chore chart


DIY Super Fun Chore Chart – Free Printable









  1. Print off our free printable DIY Super Fun Chore Chart on cardstock so it is strong enough to hold the magnets. (You will have to master your printer’s double-sided printing method)
  2. Attach the magnets.
  3. Cut out the chart.
  4. Show your child how fun it is.
  5. Get to work!!


Let us know how it goes!



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