Bookroo and Bedtime Routines

When the reality hit me that a full night’s sleep was a very rare thing once you had kids, I knew I had to figure out how to make it happen more often. One thing that has really been beneficial for our energetic boys is a good bedtime routine. They don’t like to feel like they’re forced into bed, so we needed something fun and exciting that still slows them down. Reading cool books to them seemed to do the trick! 


Not only has reading to our boys been a really effective part of our bedtime routine, it also has a lot of other benefits. Research shows the first five years to be a critical time to read to your children. This is when they have the most rapid brain development that does not occur at any other time. Children who hear fewer words during early childhood start school developmentally behind their peers and may never catch up.



That’s why I love Bookroo. Bookroo’s mission is to help children fall in love with reading by helping parents to build a home library of children’s books in an exciting, affordable way. Each month, subscribers receive a box of individually gift-wrapped children’s books to keep. The first time my son saw these books wrapped up he literally squealed with excitement. Each box contains either 3 board books or 2 picture books and the combined retail value of the books always exceeds the subscription price!



If this sounds fun to you but you’re like me and a little hesitant to sign up for a subscription without knowing whether you’ll like it or not, don’t worry. The subscriptions can be broken down to 3 or 6 months, and for a limited time we are offering a 20% discount on a 3 or 6 month subscription. Also, don’t worry if you’ve already got a library started. Bookroo looks for hidden gems to send in their boxes, rather than the classics you may already know about or can easily discover.



We are lucky enough to live close to both Grandparents, but I love the idea that  long distance grandparents can send books to their grandchildren in a hassle free way. A subscription would also make a great baby shower gift. 



Bookroo is about creating an experience around reading that helps parents spend meaningful time each day helping their children learn. Putting reading as part of our kids bedtime routines has definitely helped us spend quality time with them, teach them, and love them to sleep. And the best part is, we’re doing it all at the same time. Bookroo is a great company that even donates books to  children in need through Reach Out And Read so be sure to check them out!





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