3 Awesome Apps For Kids That Grow With Your Child

I am always on the search for kids’ apps that grow with my child. I hate searching for an app only to have him be sick of it in a day, or spend money on one that I think is great only to have it be useless in a few months. I’ve found that the best way to find great apps is to look for suggestions on Pinterest from real moms rather than searching the app store, so I decided to add my two cents to the internet!



  1. Dino Trap – An educational dinosaur catching game for kids of all ages.

This game is truly a hidden gem! It’s very similar to the concept of Pokemon Go, because the basis of the app is that you run around catching dinosaurs. It even allows you to see the dinosaurs “in your house” which is an aspect my three year old loves!





Not only is it as fun as Pokemon Go, it also has an educational aspect to it that can “grow” with your child. There are settings that parents can change to fit the age of their child so that it isn’t too easy or too hard. I love this type of control because then I can let my three year old go to town playing and learning, without having to step in and help him complete a task that’s too hard for him every five seconds. 



Another great part about this app is that your kid is having fun while learning about the dinosaurs he’s catching as well. Their is a synthesized voice reader that reads off each dinosaur as it’s caught so since my three year old can’t read, he is still hearing what the dinosaur is called. The app keeps a log of all the dinosaurs your child has caught so that older kids can go in and read more about them.



The app is free to try with the usual in-app type purchases found in most kids apps, or there is a small monthly subscription for only $0.49 that you can subscribe to for a hassle free experience. (We’re all about hassle free over here!) 



2. Kidtube – Youtube for Kids

This app is exactly what it says: Youtube for kids. It is so nice to be able to pull up a free video for my son to watch and know that he’s not going to stubble on something that I wouldn’t approve of for him.



My three year old knows that shower time for mommy is Kidtube time for him. It is my undisputed time of sanity where I don’t fight the fact that he wants to watch a show. On Kidtube there is an educational section so I usually just set it to that and hand it to him and he is free to choose whichever video he wants. 



Kidtube also has time limit restrictions so you can limit the amount of time your kids spend watching. Another great feature is if a video does happen to pop up that you don’t like, you can click an option to not have it show up. (I’ve never had any super bad issues, just a few videos where the cartoon characters were being rude to one another and hitting, and since we’re working on that with my three year old I took them off.)



3. Grow – A developmental app that benefits both child and parent

This app is fantastic and although it’s technically not for your child to “play” with, it is full of tips and games for YOU to play with your child. It matches your child’s age with tips and things to watch for as your child develops to promote development and bonding with your child. 

The app lets you put in your child’s photos as well as even has a section where you can take notes about your baby to keep a journal of all that is happening. This is awesome because in the first few years it goes so fast. The app is free and designed for both the Iphone and Ipad.


What apps do you like to use for your kids?



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3 thoughts on “3 Awesome Apps For Kids That Grow With Your Child”

  1. Very cool! I am going to check out the grow app! I haven’t heard of it before and I actually know a few moms that would enjoy it as well.

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