Snowflake Cupcake Toppers Tutorial

Snowflake Cupcake Toppers Tutorial

This snowflake cupcake toppers tutorial isn’t as hard as you might think! The snowflake cupcake toppers will make your cupcakes look amazing!



snowflake cupcake toppers tutorial

snowflake cupcake toppers tutorial

I recently got called (asked to volunteer) as my church’s Young Women’s group secretary. It’s a super fun calling to have in the church because it means you basically get to hang out with a ton of fun young ladies and help them be the coolest version of themselves that they can!

Each year we celebrate their accomplishments with an awards banquet/ party called Young Women in Excellence. The Young Women have a pamphlet called Personal Progress that they work on all year long, basically encouraging them to pray, read their scriptures, serve others, and learn more about themselves. And, at the end of the year, we celebrate their achievements with their personal progress. We try to make it a pretty big deal because we want all the Young Women to feel motivated to work on theirs if they’re not already. 





This year I volunteered to make the cupcakes. We have over 50 YW and we invite all of them plus their parents so I had to make over 150 cupcakes. I tried to make the baking as easy as possible by using boxed cake mixes, but I wanted them to look super fancy so I went all out with the decorations! 

These snowflake cupcake toppers were time-consuming, but not that difficult to make. My 10-year-old son even helped! It took both of us a few practice snowflakes before we got it right, but if we can do it, so can you! 

Just plan on making about 10 extra, because they’re super delicate and some of them will break!








Snowflake Cupcake Toppers Tutorial: 

  • Parchment paper
  • Wilton Royal Icing mix prepared according to package directions
  • Piping bag
  • Small round piping tip
  • Images of snowflakes printed on regular paper, to trace
  1. Start by finding an image of a snowflake that you like, that’s not too difficult. Copy and paste it multiple times into a word document, until the page is filled up, and print it off. 
  2. Slip the snowflakes under a piece of parchment paper on a solid surface, or baking sheet. 
  3. Prepare Royal frosting, according to package instructions. 
  4. Transfer Royal icing into a piping bag, fitted with a small round tip. 
  5. Trace the snowflakes with frosting, and use a small gold or silver candy in the center of each snowflake. You could also sprinkle them with glitter, or use silver food coloring spray to make them look sparkly. 
  6. Allow them to dry on the countertop until they easily slide off of the parchment. 
  7. Gently press them into your cupcake frosting. They’re delicate so make more than you need in case they break, and some of them will so just be prepared! 







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