Merry Christmas! No More Pain!

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I spend a lot of hours staring at the computer for work. Lately, I have been getting a lot of tension in my shoulders. I have tried taking a soothing bath, having my husband rub out my shoulders, with no success. I was ready to try something new!

A few weeks ago, I received oVie Cordless Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager with heat, in the mail. I have never been one that enjoys massages and was a little skeptical about what the results would be, but I was pleasantly surprised! It relieved all the pain in my shoulders! It works quickly and will make you sleep like a baby.

If you were to go to a trained specialist it would cost hundreds of dollars and the oVie massager pays for itself after two uses! The best part is it’s versatility! I have two daughter’s that participate in cheer and they were thrilled to be able to use this on their lower back, hamstrings, hips and even calf muscles.  It only weighs 4 pounds and provides a deep heat acupressure massage that quickly melts away all those sore, and achy muscles. Massager works in 15 minute sessions. 


This little gem only costs $119.00. It comes with a oVie massager, AV charger, car charger, massage cloth, and a printout of where the massager can be applied. The best part is that they are giving our readers a 10% off coupon! The coupon code: WZGZRI69RBT9. Check out oVie Cordelss Neck & Back Massager today!

Where do you feel your stress? 



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