LDS Young Women Ponderize Chalkboard gift idea

This LDS Young Women Ponderize Chalkboard gift idea would be great for Christmas or a birthday gift. Simply write a scripture you want to focus on on the chalkboard and hang it somewhere you can see it often. 

You might not be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints, but this LDS Young Women Ponderize Chalkboard gift idea is still a great gift idea to give to anyone that loves the scriptures and would like to focus on either memorizing certain verses or just pondering their favorite or new found verse! 

I mentioned yesterday that I just got called as the Secretary for our Young Women’s group. It’s a really fun job to do in the church because it means you get to work with the youth! 

Every year we give the girls a birthday gift and a Christmas gift. As we were trying to decide what to give them, one of the counselors suggested we give them ‘ponderize’ chalkboards to help them focus on their favorite or newly found verses they like from the scriptures.

We thought about making them, but then I found these cute little chalkboards on Amazon for super cheap, which is great since we have 50 young women!  Our 1st counselor is super great at graphic design, so she whipped up this cute little tag so they would know what to do with their chalkboard. 

I hope the girls will love these and use them in their rooms at home or they would also be great to put in their locker at school! 

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LDS Young Women Ponderize Chalkboard gift idea Do you have a calling in YW? What are some fun gift ideas you’ve done in the past? Let us know in the comments!


1 thought on “LDS Young Women Ponderize Chalkboard gift idea”

  1. So cute! I’ve been fretting over what to do for bday bags for the young women this year, didn’t want the same ol’. This is different, I like it. Was wondering if u have the link for the tags available and if u r willing to share, my email is if u r ???? Thank U❤️

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