Gift Giving Guide for Active Men, IRONHORSE Motorcycle Gear

Gift Giving Guide for Active Men, Ironhorse Gear! Get everything your active man needs for his outdoor adventures! I was given free product to review for this post, but all opinions are 100% mine!

It’s so hard to find gifts for the men in our lives, because they always buy what they want/ need for themselves! Until now…

Gift Giving Guide for Active Men, Iron Horse Motorcycle Gear This is the ultimate Gift Giving Guide for Active Men! In fact, the man in your life probably doesn’t even know this stuff is on the market, so now is the perfect time to surprise him!  

Ironhorse Gear was designed with the motorcycle enthusiast in mind; which means all of the gear is compact and super durable to make it easy to get out and explore! 

Just think of all those times you and your motorcycle-loving man have wanted to cruise up the canyon for some camping, or maybe you’ve even thought about making the trek to Sturgis

How would you fit all of that gear on your motorcycle? Until now, it’s been almost impossible!

In the past, bikers have been known to buy their gear once they arrive at their destination and toss it when they’re done, because they can’t make it fit! What a waste! 

Now you don’t need to do that! Ironhorse Gear designed all of their products so that they would be durable and compact enough to fit in the saddlebags on your hog! So convenient! 

Think of all the adventures you can go on now! 

Ironhorse Gear is very high quality, I know because I’ve tried it! They make everything you need for a night outdoors. Including this 20+ sleeping bag for super cold nights.

This two man tent is perfect for a fun couples camp out.  Iron Horse Gear tents are different than other tents out there because the pole sections are shorter than any other brand on the market, allowing you to store it inside of your saddlebag! Genius!!!

The floor and rainfly have a 4000mm waterproof treatment making these tents the most waterproof and durable tents you can buy for under $500. Super Affordable!!

I love this BeFree™ Filter, because it also works for emergency preparedness!  Just fill up the flask and the EZ-Clean Membrane™ filters out all the nasty stuff!  Plus, it’s compact, light-weight and easy to carry anywhere! Perfect for hikers too!

I personally love this super comfortable parachute nylon hammock. Like every Ironhorse Gear product, it’s ridiculously compact! I love that it will hold up to 400 pounds, so you can share it and gaze at the stars together on your adventure!

I’m such a girl… 

This Stryker 100 is one of the coolest things I’ve seen! Its compact design makes it perfect for hikers and bikers alike. In fact, every stove component, including the three-legged stand, 1.3 liter pot, stove, and lid all fit into one mesh carry bag.  Plus, you can drink your coffee or hot cocoa right out of it!

It would also be awesome to have for emergencies! Practical!!

That’s not all that Ironhorse Gear offers, click over and visit their site to get more ideas now! Their products are affordable, durable, compact and practical for anyone who likes outdoor adventure, or likes to be prepared for emergencies! 

Now that you’ve seen the ultimate Gift Giving Guide for Active Men, PIN these ideas for later! Father’s day, birthdays, Christmas, and anniversaries are always around the corner and you’ll need more ideas then too! 





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