Duck Tape Christmas Placemats Craft

Duck Tape Christmas Placemats Craft

Learn how to make this Duck Tape Christmas Placemats Craft! Your kids will love eating all of their meals on these fun placemats, and you can display all of their lovely artwork in the placemats too! So fun to make! The possibilities are endless, especially with all of the cool glittery options Duck Glitter® make now! Duck Tape Christmas Placemats Craft


Duck Tape Christmas Placemats Craft

Isn’t it funny how we pick the most random things from our childhood to hang on to? I remember making placemats and Pilgrim costumes for Thanksgiving dinner as a child and thinking it was the best Thanksgiving ever!

Naturally, I wanted to make some fun placemats with my kids for Christmas! I thought it would be extra fun to add a sheet protector in the placemat so that my kids could display their artwork and change it out each year!

This Duck Tape® Christmas Placemats Craft is super easy to do!  Duck Glitter® has so many fun new colors and styles of tape for crafting now, the possibilities are endless. Click here to see all the fun options they have now!  duck-tape-craft-placemats-christmas Here’s what you’ll need for this craft! 

  • Sheet protectors
  • card stock craft paper
  • Duck Tape® and Duck Glitter®
  • Art work to slip into the sheet protector when done!

First, start with heavy scrap-book-sized card stock paper, cut in half, and attach the halves to a sheet protector with Duck Tape®. This will make your placemat just the right size for a dinner plate and silverware!  duck-tape-christmas-placemats-craft Don’t worry about the paper. I used old Halloween paper, but no one will ever know, because it’s covered up with all the glorious glittery Duck Tape®!  christmas-craft-idea-for-kids-duck-tape-placematsAfter your sheet protector and card stock are connected, cover the back in Duck Tape®. We used a solid color on the backs, making sure not to cover up the opening for the sheet protector.  diy-santa-belt-christmas-placemat-duck-tape-diyNext, start your design! We made 4 different types of placemats of each of my kids. I had them tell me what they wanted them to look like and we started crafting. Make the front look fabulous and then use the Duck Glitter® to finish the edges by folding it over from front to back! 

diy-christmas-duck-tape-placematsThe sky is the limit! Duck Tape® makes it super easy to create anything you want, with all the varieties and colors, and you don’t need messy glue or staples for this! The Duck Tape® is the glue and the design! diy-christmas-placemats-duck-tape My only major tip for this Duck Tape® Christmas Placemats Craft would be to make sure you don’t cover up the opening of the sheet protector  on the back side!  Cover one side of the opening with Duck Tape® so you can change the pictures out over and over again each year.   interchangeable-kid-artwork-christmas-placemats-diy-duck-tapediy-christmas-placemat-craft duck-tape-christmas-crafts I don’t know about you, but my kids are constantly begging to make crafts, so this is a perfect way to make them feel like their creations are super special! duck-tape-interchangeable-artwork-christmas-placematsFinally, be sure to check out Duck Tape®’s huge selection of tape here —> Duck Tape®! And for more inspiration to get you crafting, make sure you follow Duck Tape®’s Pinterest Inspiration board here —> holiday Pinterest boarddiy-duck-tape-placemats-craft Happy Crafting! And make sure you pin this project for later!          

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