2017 LDS Young Women theme gift idea, free printable

Download this 2017 LDS Young Women theme gift idea free printable today! We’re giving these to our girls for Christmas! SHHH! They don’t know yet!

I recently got called as the Young Women’s secretary in my church. It’s a fun job to have, because it means I get to work with girls aged 12-18!

Each year for Christmas and their birthdays we like to give them little gifts. This year the theme is the scripture James 1:5-6, so we decided it would be fun to give them a little picture with the  2017 YW theme so they could focus on it throughout the next year. 

I’m not blessed with graphic design talents, so another leader, Hayley, designed this cute print with the 2017 YW theme for the girls! I loved it so I asked her if I could share it! She was so generous to say yes! Keep reading to get the FREE download…

These are the most adorable 5 x7 prints and they fit perfectly into this double-sided frame we got from IKEA for only 99 cents each! What an awesome deal! Especially when you have a small budget and 50 girls to give gifts to! 

Hayley and her friend, Morgan, just recently started a blog called Traveling Hiking Family where they share their adventures with their families!  They are both moms of twins and share a total of 9 kids between the two of them, so there’s always something to talk about! They will be sharing FREE inspirational printables like this on their site every week, so you’ll want to check that out!

I just love me a free print that I can switch in and out of frames as I please, don’t you?!  Pin this 2017 YW theme free printable if you love it!!!

  Download this print by clicking here —> 2017theme

And don’t forget to check out Traveling Hiking Family for lots of travel and hiking ideas and more free printables!!!

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