Thankful Printable

I made this Thankful Printable for my 8-9 Activity Day’s girls to attach to their Thanksgiving cookies but it could have so many other uses! The Holidays, especially Thanksgiving of course, are a great time to thank family and friends. 




Decorating cookies was a great activity for my Activity Day girls! They loved it. Since Activity Days is only an hour long, we had the cookies and frosting pre-made. We then put dollops of frosting on each of their plates before they got started so that they wouldn’t have to stick their knives back into community bowls after they licked them. We all know it’s impossible not to lick your knife while frosting cookies! 




When we were done frosting cookies we had the girls choose their favorite ones and put them on a plate for the Bishop and Primary leaders. We put a bread bag around them, tied it nice, and attached this thank you note.  Then the girls delivered them!






I actually ended up having extra printables after Activity Days and put them in a cupboard next to some candy. It turned out that this was a great idea because when my mom and sister came over to help me with something, I grabbed the printable and some candy and threw it in a bag, and they felt so loved!  





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