Favorite Baby Firsts

Tracking PixelFavorite Baby Firsts! My 7-month-old Haden slept through the night for the first time the other night and it was amazing! I felt so good. The only thing you can count on with a baby is change though, so his sleeping through the night didn’t last long and now we’re onto the teething phase.  He’ll sleep through the night again though and I’ll be ready!!




Some of my other favorite “firsts” have been him meeting his big brother, his first laugh, and him sitting up! The baby stage goes so fast so I love when I get it documented. Now he giggles at his brother all the time, but there’s nothing quite like the first time. 



Because the baby stage is full of so much change, it’s nice to have the support you can count on through all of the milestones, like good diapers. No mom wants to have her baby wake up even more, due to a diaper leaking in the night. I have been really impressed with Well Beginnings diapers found exclusively at Walgreens. They are super absorbent and were actually tested to be by Good Housekeeping! With their 12 hr leakage protection, I can be confident they’ll support my baby through his next full night’s sleep.




Another reason I like these diapers is that they open easily. This may sound silly to someone who hasn’t changed many diapers, but moms know this makes it really easy to change diapers at night, or one handed if your fighting off a toddler who just wants to “see” his brother!




The price is also one of the great things about Well Beginnings diapers. They have an everyday low price of $6.99 per package. That makes it easy for me to splurge on more important things for my baby! Like all the Christmas presents I’m going to spoil him with. I can’t wait to watch Haden grow up and experience the rest of his first, but at the same time I wish I could keep him little forever. 




This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Well Beginnings.


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