Family Holiday Table Decor

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The past month has been crazy!  We have been working so hard to remodel our family room because it has had the same home decor for around 12 years and has had only minor changes made to it in that time. We went from earth tones to a gray pallet and completely changed the look of the room! We started our project before Halloween and just completed the job a few days ago. At the time it didn’t feel like we would ever complete the remodel.


As you can imagine, we have been hanging out at Home Depot a lot!  Matter of fact, I felt like it was my second home and even knew some of the employees by name! They always have the cutest Holiday decorations and I was starting to get so jealous of all the decorations that they had on display and just couldn’t wait to start getting my own treasures! 

I love all the holidays and I love to decorate for each and every one.  Through all the hustle and bustle, we were able to put up our Halloween but I was starting to get nervous about Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We all know that the decorations set the mood for the Holidays, and to have the things that have made so many memories and traditions around as we gather as a family, make it complete.


After all the painting, staining, and the distressed wall was done, we set out to find the perfect furniture! I was so excited to find the perfect farmhouse table! After setting it up in the room I noticed that it seemed like something was missing and the table didn’t look complete. My husband and I decided to make the cutest wood centerpiece! It only took 30 minutes to make and the box cost $13 to make. We haven’t done a lot of wood projects and I was thrilled that it was so easy to do and it looks perfect!

I filled it with candles, greenery, ornaments and moss. So easy to assemble and can be used for so many Holidays and even in my every day decor.


I love to have something that can be used over and over again and can look completely different with a few minor changes.


Something so simple can make such a big statement.


What is your decorating tip? I would love to hear from you!

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11 thoughts on “Family Holiday Table Decor”

  1. This is beautiful! I am loving the colors you chose and all the little details! Only here in Germany you’d probably see 4 candles, one for every Advent Sunday.

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