Easy DIY Invitation for Kids – Activity Days

I am the Activity Days leader in my ward of the 8-9 girls and we helped the girls make an invitation to invite their mom’s to a mother daughter activity. They enjoyed creating it, and we enjoyed that it was easy for us to put together! This made a great activity for Activity Days, but I also plan on using it with my kids if they need to invite someone somewhere, or even to send a letter to someone.





  1. Scrapbook paper
  2. Glue sticks
  3. Print out and cut invite information
  4. Scissors
  5. Ribbons
  6. Envelopes and stamps
  7. Print out of girls’ addresses



  1. Lay out all of the supplies.
  2. Show the girls’ an example of what they will be making. 
  3. Let them go to town cutting and pasting their invite together.
  4. Let them write a personal message on it. 
  5. Let them write their own address if they know it, or they can copy from what you have, or they can just glue it to the front of the envelope.
  6. Mail to the recipient!







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1 thought on “Easy DIY Invitation for Kids – Activity Days”

  1. I love this idea. Especially nowadays that we rarely get mail that is not bills or spam. It also gives moms something to put into their scrapbook and remember. Simply lovely.

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