Be Fearless Be Kind Initiative from Hasbro!

Be Fearless, Be Kind!

This is a sponsored post written by me for and in behalf of Hasbro and their Be Fearless Be kind initiative. All opinions are 100% mine. 

Be Fearless, Be Kind!

As a parent of 4 adorable small children, my main goal has always been to raise them with empathy, kindness and compassion for others. Compassion is so important in life. When we show kindness to others it makes us feel good inside, and it also affects the way that others treat us. I truly believe it’s a skill that anyone can learn!

With kids in preschool, 2nd grade, and 5th grade it’s interesting to see how they’re affected by what other kids in school say to them. My 2nd grader is my most sensitive child, so she always tells me when someone says something that hurts her feelings, or when someone is rude to another classmate. It’s a learning process for both of us. I’m try to help her to understand that even though someone might say something to hurt your feelings, you can still try to be their friend and forgive them for their mistakes. It’s also important to me that I teach her that she should always be fearless and take a stand when someone is being mistreated at school. 

Last week we had a conversation about a little boy that made fun of her eyes. (She has had three surgeries to correct her eye muscles, but they still pull in or out on occasion and the other kids her age are very honest and vocal when they notice that her eyes look different than the other kids in her class.) I tried to explain to her that he’s probably still a good person, and she should just tell him that it hurts her feelings when he makes fun of her eyes. 

The next day, she came home to let me know that she had a talk with this little boy. She told him that he had hurt her feelings, but she still wanted to be friends and give him a chance to explain why he said those things to her. He apologized and she came home with a ‘special rock’ he had given her to make her feel better. It was awesome! 

I truly believe that there are no bad children. We just need to teach them how to be kind and fearless and give them the tools they need to develop these characteristics! It’s not always easy though, and that’s why I love that Hasbro has started the Be Fearless, Be Kind initiative! 

BE FEARLESS BE KIND is Hasbro’s new campaign designed to inspire and empower kids to have the compassion, empathy and courage to stand up for others and be inclusive throughout their lives. Hasbro has developed this site where you can find helpful tools to help you teach your children to be empathetic and mindful of others. There’s also a calming movie that walks kids through some calming breathing exercises that can help kids be calm and in control of their emotions. 

These resources can be super empowering for parents and children everywhere! I challenge you to take a look at the Be Fearless, Be Kind website to see what resources and tools are available to you.  You might find the answer or tools you need to help you parent in a more effective way and help your child to BE FEARLESS BE KIND!

Be Fearless Be Kind



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5 thoughts on “Be Fearless Be Kind Initiative from Hasbro!”

  1. I love that toy companies are bringing such great messages into the world! With the way things are these days, we need the young generation to know that kindness is the most important thing you can share!

  2. Wow. This is an amazing initiative. Teaching kids compassion, empathy and courage will go a long way to making them responsible citizens of tomorrow. Love this!

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