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Halloween is just around the corner and has everything you need and the lowest prices to help you throw an awesome Halloween party! I was compensated for this post, but all opinions are 100% mine. 


Halloween is one of our favorite holidays around here! Every year my hubby and his brother literally carve over 100 pumpkins. It’s crazy sauce… And every year we have a massive Halloween party!

This year I thought I’d share some of my favorite ideas to host your own Halloween party and save money by purchasing all of your supplies from the comfort of your home from! I love shopping online, because you don’t have to worry about whether or not your store has the things you need in stock, plus you can basically plan an entire Halloween party in your pj’s! 

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these candy eyeballs. Find them here. You can easily make any treat look spooky by adding eyeballs!


Every Halloween party I’ve ever been to has treats, and what better way to display them than this adorable cupcake stand! You can find it here. Just think…chocolate cake balls covered with monster googly eyes on top! 


And you have to give out awards for best costume if you expect anyone to dress up! Am I right?! These little trophies are perfect, and you can get them by clicking here!


Of course you have to decorate the front of your treat table with a fun garland, or you can put it up behind your guests as they pose for pictures! Find this cute one here, and it matches the cupcake stand!!


Your guests will love these cute soda pop labels and you will feel totally crafty without putting any effort into it! They’ll look so cute on your dessert table! Find them here! walmart-halloween-labels

You’ll need something to serve that spooky spider venom soda in. These spider cups are perfect, and they’ll also look adorable displayed on your treat table. Get them by clicking here


Are you catching on to my polka dot theme? These plates even match your spooky spider cups! You don’t want to be doing dishes after your big party, so buy these plates here


Here’s another adorable decoration to hang from the ceiling above your treat display! Just unfold them and hang them with some string! Bam! Your table is looking excellent! Get them here


I’m sure it’s no secret that I love making treats. I just think this skull pan is super awesome! Just make a white cake mix from the box and plop a candied cherry in the top of the skull pan. Your guests will be thoroughly freaked out when they bite into their skull cakes! Get the pan here


You also need a centerpiece for your spooky table! I love the idea of this big hairy spider looking down at all the treats. Especially with the spider cups and spider venom soda! Get this creepy spider by clicking here


And last but not least. Give your spider his very own web! It will protect your table from all the icing and mess! Get it here!


Finally! You’re all ready for your Halloween party and to make things even better, you didn’t have to leave your house and you know the prices are the best you’re going to find, because you got them from

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