Best Green Screen for Filmmakers

Over the summer I ran a film camp for kids to learn the basic ins and outs of filmmaking, and I was really excited this year to use a Fotodiox collapsible green screen. It was awesome! The kids were able to set it up and take it down themselves, and it provided a great blue or green background in a matter of seconds.




Before I found this collapsible chromakey screen I had used a large muslin one. Every year I had to fold it up really nice so that it wouldn’t wrinkle. It was a huge pain, and never really looked that great. If you ask any of my film camp students, they can tell you that one of the most important things when using a green screen is even lighting on the green. This was pretty hard to achieve with wrinkly fabric, so I love that our collapsible one is never wrinkled.



Another thing I love about this green screen, especially for beginning filmmakers, is that it is very portable. You just fold it up, put it in it’s carrying case, and pop it back up when you get where you’re going. It’s also extremely light and very durable so it can be carried even without being folded up. It was used for two weeks straight at my camp by a lot of excited kids and it still looks brand new!


It is made with a spring steel outer ring that pops open to hold the material tight. It folds down to a compact 30″x30″ disc with included carrying case. It is made out of Nylon Fabric and comes with a 24 month warranty. I have been very pleased with it’s quality and ease of use! I highly suggest it for beginning or even advanced filmmakers!





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