I Love My Lawn!

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I love being outside!  Nothing is better than smelling fresh cut grass, enjoying family and friends or just taking a moment for yourself. Our poor lawn has been through a lot this year. In Utah, we have had the 5th hottest Summer on record and have loved watching the kids enjoy water sports.

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Now that it’s September, I want to do what I need to make sure my lawn is ready for all the activities we want to do next year! I can still enjoy the next couple months but I can also start prepping my lawn.

Here are 3 ideas to soak up the last few days of enjoyment with your lawn:

Make it cozy. In addition to traditional seating, set out blankets, pillows and rugs on the lawn. The addition of a low table on the grass is perfect for an after school tea party or a magical Moroccan evening. 

  • Keep bugs at bay. Annoying flies or hungry mosquitoes can take the fun out of an outdoor party. Light citronella candles to deter mosquitoes, or make natural DIY bug spray for your guests using essential oils such as peppermint or eucalyptus. 
  • Spray-paint your grass. Use ground-marking spray to create giant game boards directly on your lawn. Twister, checkers, tic-tac- toe – use your imagination!


 Here are a couple of tips I have learned to kickstart for Spring! Keeping it green!

Have you ever wondered how they keep the golf courses green in Augusta while our warm season grass goes dormant? The trick to keeping your lawn green year-round in warmer, transition zone climates, is to add a cool season grass seed over your lawn during the fall months. By seeding when the temperatures start cooling down, the cool season grass will take root and thrive throughout the winter months. (Link to http://weseedamerica.com/lawn-winterization- tips/

Seeding a new lawn. If you don’t have a lawn or are looking to expand your lawn, fall is a great time to seed. Before you plant a new lawn, talk to your local garden shop or university extension agent to identify the type of grass that will best meet your needs, taking into consideration the location, level of use, sun exposure, drainage, and so on. For easy-to-follow tips on seeding a lawn, from ground preparation to caring for new grass, see www.weseedamerica.com/planting

  • Adding seed to thicken an existing lawn. If your lawn is looking thin, or if you need to fill in some bare patches, fall is the time to reseed. Talk to a turf specialist at a garden shop or university extension agent to find out what type of seed is best for your lawn conditions. Spread the seed over your existing lawn and then water lightly and regularly, making sure the reseeded areas stay moist until the new grass grows in. By seeding in the fall, you’ll reduce the need to make repairs in the spring and jump right back in to enjoying your grass. 


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