Andie’s Hair Extensions – Natural Beaded Rows

Hair extensions are amazing if you get them done by the right person! My sister-in-law’s hair is a lot like mine – thin and greesy – so we are always talking to each other about how to make it beautiful. I’m really excited because I believe we’ve found the answer with natural beaded row hair extensions by Makenzi! Just look at the difference! 




I am really excited about this! I have clip in extensions and whenever I put them in I feel like a princess. And call me vain but I honestly can’t stop looking at myself in the mirror!  The problem is, I never put them in because they take a while and I’m afraid my baby will just rip them out. That’s why natural beaded rows is such a great solution. My baby can’t rip them out and they are designed to not damage my hair.



Natural beaded rows are not glue-in, bead-in, tape-in, or braid-in. They are a customized experience created for you based upon the head of hair you have and the look you are seeking! Makenzi sews multiple pieces of hair together and attaches the row to the head using a bead and string. There is no glue or tape involved, so the removal process is quick and simple and only takes about 5 minutes.




Believe it or not I can’t wait to get my natural beaded hair extensions done because it will make my hair care process so much shorter! It’s a common myth that hair extensions are high maintenance. They definitely aren’t! I remember thinking that girls with extensions must be crazy to want to spend so much time getting ready but it’s actually the opposite. The hair is thicker and holds a curl so well you hardly need to re-curl it. Your hair will stay fresh and clean longer as well which will be an amazing thing for me because my hair is usually a greasy mess after about three hours.


If you’re interested in hair extensions be sure to get the right ones by the right person! I highly recommend Makenzi and the natural beaded rows process. She did an amazing job on Andie!



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