5 Fall Date Night Ideas

Strengthen your relationship and enjoy Fall with these 5 Fall Date Night Ideas!

5-Fall-Date Night ideas

We had the best drive up the canyon last Sunday. It was peaceful and calm and the trees were so beautiful! We even saw two little fawns and MANY other deer. It was something super simple, yet a great escape from work and every day stresses that we sometimes can’t escape at home. That got me thinking, what are some fun things we can do to enjoy Fall without spending too much money. Here are our top 5 Fall Date Night Ideas! 

  1. Take a drive to see the changing leaves! Fill the car up, grab your favorite snacks, a camera, and bring your hiking shoes. You’ll love the feel of the crisp air and there’s something romantic about the orange or red leaves!
  2. Make caramel apples together! Cooking is always fun to do with your significant other. Get lots of unique toppings like Oreos, nuts, toffee, or chocolate and make your own unique creations together. 
  3. Attend your favorite home town homecoming game! This weekend is Southern Utah University’s Homecoming. My husband and I both went graduated from SUU and it’s so fun to feel like young college students sometimes!
  4. Play in the rain! It’s always raining here in the Fall. That means huge puddles of rain are just waiting to be splashed in. Sounds juvenile, but it’s pretty dang fun! Anything that makes you giggle is good for a date! 
  5. Bonfire! Build a bonfire and roast marshmallows, tell spooky stories and sip hot cocoa. It’s a great excuse to snuggle up together! 

Now get out there and use one of these 5 Fall Date Night Ideas!

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