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Film Camp Life! Every year I put on a film camp for kids to learn the basic ins and outs of filmmaking. The past week and a half have been CRAZY. But a good kind of crazy.  I debated a lot this year over whether or not I was going to do it because I knew it would be hard with a new baby, but the fun of it won me over and here I am. 





Today is day 9 and I am exhausted but having so much fun! It’s kind of crazy that both of those can exist at the same time but they do. I am so lucky to have a family so willing to help. Every year my parents and in-laws have always been so supportive and helpful. It really is the only way possible for me to do the camp.




We added a few new things this year that we’ve never done before. One of them is using StikBots to create stop motion videos. Stop motion was the first way that I started to learn how to make videos so I thought the kids would have fun learning how to do it as well.




We also had Garrett Batty, the Director of the Saratov Approach, come and talk with the film camp kids. He did a fantastic job! His advice to beginning filmmakers was to constantly create and show. “As filmmakers, we’ve chosen a really unique career because we put all our work in front of people and ask them to judge it. that’s part of our job, listening to non-experts in our field tell us what to do. That is why to improve, you must constantly create and show.”




This is Jessica’s son Max’s first time at our film camp and he is loving it! This is him in his costume for an alien character in his group’s short film about an intergalactic race. I love seeing how creative these kids are.

It reminds me of how important it is to just have fun when you’re trying to be creative. The younger kids at the camp don’t worry about being judged for their ideas, they just do whatever makes them laugh. 



I snapped this photo with my iPhone the other day of my group’s cast. I love seeing the older kids at camp really start to grasp their leadership roles and develop confidence in their abilities. We are getting super excited to see their video come together and I can’t wait for their Red Carpet Premier! 




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  1. It is so wonderful that you host a film camp each year for kids. Thanks for sharing highlights from Film Camp Life at the Plant-based Potluck Party! Pinning and sharing.

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