Loving My Owlet Baby Monitor!

I can’t believe my baby is almost 4 months old! He is getting so big and chunky! He was barely one month old when he was hospitalized for RSV and I still remember how fragile he seemed. I remember feeling so helpless while he was strapped up to all the monitors, but I was also so grateful we were there because if we weren’t, then my chunky baby probably wouldn’t be okay.

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My sons breathing changed severely in a matter of minutes. He seemed normal, with just a small cold. I put him in his bassinet and hopped in the shower. When I got out I went to check on him just like usual. Immediately I knew something was wrong. His neck and chest were caving in and he looked so fearful, even for such a tiny baby. I grabbed my pants-less two-year-old and we rushed to the doctor’s office. They checked his oxygen levels which were low, and sent us straight to the hospital. 


An experience like this is enough to give any mother Post Traumatic Stress! That is why I am so grateful for the capabilities of my Owlet Baby Monitor. It is a device that is designed to alert you if your baby stops breathing. It uses the same technology they do in hospitals, pulse oximetry, to check your baby’s vitals and then reports them to your phone and a base station. If your baby stops breathing, your phone and base station alert you.

After seeing how quickly my baby’s breathing went downhill, my worry about something going wrong in the middle of the night multiplied by a million. Luckily though, as the Owlet slogan says, it is up all night so I don’t have to be. It really has given me so much peace of mind. Not only is it designed to alert me if my baby’s heart rate and oxygen are out of range, but I can pull out my phone when my son is wearing it and double check that everything is going right.

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I was very impressed with all of the tools Owlet provides you with to make sure your monitor is working correctly.  I’m not one to love clutter so I usually throw away instruction manuals if I can. Owlet has all of their instructions on their app complete with videos so that you can make sure you’re placing the device in the correct spot. It is so nice because you can watch the videos at any time to be certain your baby is really being monitored correctly. 

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I don’t know what I would do without our Owlet Monitor! I am so grateful that it gives me peace of mind so that I can relax at night. I’m also so grateful for the wonderful hospital staff that helped us through the rough nights. We were so blessed!

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