Senior Gift Ideas

Posters and decorations by the Juniors.

As a coach I have found it hard to come up with good ideas. I have looked everywhere, Pinterest and the internet. It seems that it’s hard to find great ideas. Here are a few ideas that I find are easy and look very classy. It’s hard when you have amazing seniors and to know what to get them. I think I have found a senior gift that works for me! I didn’t have pictures of all the gift ideas, but I tend to go a little over board for senior day. Here are a few pictures of things that we do. Using chalk we graffiti our score tower, we use over 100 balloons to decorate among other things pictured below.

Over 100 balloons. We have a school helium tank, comes in handy.
  1. Pictogram Pillow from – This is the senior gift that I have been doing for the last 4 years. It’s been a hit! They are cute and easy. We are so lucky to have to take pictures for us and then I just personalize a pillow for each senior. It’s easy with baseball and softball to find cute things to go with so get creative. This year I got cracker jacks, seeds and gum.

    Collage pillow by Shutterfly, with Cracker Jacks, Sunflower seed and bat filled with gum.
  2. Embroidered Blanket – We have had t-shirt quilts made before or fleece blankets, embroidered with the athletes name and number.
  3. Resized_photostudio_1465191584628
    Senior’s numbers painted in the dirt with field paint.
  4. Picture Collage – We have made an 11×17 Collage made. You can go on and and make a large photo collage. There are large frames you can find at Walmart or all

    Posters and decorations by the Juniors.
  5. Scrapbook – This one takes a little more effort. You can do one online at multiple websites including Easiest way to do this one is to make several pages the same for all the seniors with team photos and memories and then add a couple pages of personalized pictures and pages.

    Posters and decorations by the Juniors.
  6. Banners- There are several places that you can make large vinyl posters. We had the photography teacher design the banners and then had them printed out. They hung them along the fences as people walked in they could enjoy them and then you give them to the seniors after the game.
Streamers and Balloons fill the stands!

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