Fun Food Tripping

Food Tripping!




The other night my husband’s brother and wife came over for dinner and we did a little food tripping! It was pretty sweet, (and totally drug free 😉 so I wanted to share because I think it would make a fun party or family activity.



You can buy these tablets called mberry, and what they do is change or enhance the flavors of certain foods. For example, onions become sweet and strawberries become bitter. The tablets come with a list of foods you can try to get the most out of the experience.




It was pretty fun and so weird to have things taste different than you expected! My favorite food to try was lime. It became so sweet you could bite into it like it was a piece of candy! Green apples and grapefruit were also pretty cool to taste.




I have to warn you though, anything that is spicy will still be spicy! This is a photo of my husband Ben throwing up because he ate a chili pepper! Give it a try if you’re feeling brave!


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