Cooper is Binky Free How We Did It

Cooper is Binky Free How We Did It


My two-year-old Cooper is finally binky-free!! And guess what the best part is? He hasn’t looked back! He became a binky addict around the age of one and I was way too afraid of losing sleep at night to take it away. I had heard about someone using this method to get rid of their child’s binky by trading it in for a toy, so I decided to try it out with Cooper. I didn’t think a toy would work but he loves candy so we tried that and it totally worked!

Step 1: I told him over and over and over that on Saturday we were going to take his binky to the candy store and trade it in for candy because he was a big boy now.



Step 2: He really responds well and seems to learn from books so I drew my own story for him to show him what was going to happen.

Step 3: I told everyone we came in contact with that week that Cooper was going to take his binky to the candy store and trade it in for candy because he was a big boy and made sure they responded with lots of praise and excitement!


Step 4: We made a big deal about it all day Saturday and I kid you not, a couple times he tried handing me his binky and asking to go to the store. This was unbelievable because his binky was basically a body part the week before. We put his binkies in a baggy and got in the car.

Step 5: We went to the candy store and he picked out all the candy he wanted. He handed the bag of binkies to the very grossed out cashier and (to my utter amazement) happily left them behind!



Step 6: He ate the entire bag of candy on the way home, (whoops!) so I was worried it wouldn’t work and we would have a tearful night, but we were brave and put him to bed like usual. He didn’t even ask for his binky! The next few nights he asked a couple of times but I just reminded him that he traded them in for candy and he was fine. We have seriously had no tears over it at all!!

Good luck!


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