Utah Landscaping Ideas, DIY landscaping

We have been so busy this weekend planting, digging and laying drip lines for our yard. It was so frustrating trying to decide what kind of plants that I wanted for my yard that I decided to just show you the plants we got from the local nursery, and leave links so you can more easily plan your yard if you’re trying to DIY landscaping! I knew I wanted a really colorful yard, and hopefully, in a few years my plants will look just like these! We bought smaller versions of all of these, to be more cost efficient so ours don’t look this awesome yet. 
Lo & Behold® 'Purple Haze' - Butterfly Bush - Buddleia x
Lo & Behold® Pink Micro Chip Buddleia


Lo & Behold® 'Ice Chip' - Butterfly Bush - Buddleia
*Seeds and Things Maple Amur (Acer Ginnala Flame) Nice Garden Tree 10+ Seeds - Small Maple with Spring and Fall Appeal
Viburnum opulus Sterile Snowball Shrub - 2 shrubs
Rainier Cherry Tree Seeds - 20 Cherry Seeds - Qualityseeds4less Exclusive by Qualityseeds4less
Syringa vulgaris Sensation
What do you think? What are your favorite plants?


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  1. I love the peach trees! I am so delighted that you shared your Utah Landscaping Ideas, DIY landscaping with us at the Healthy Happy Green Natural Party! I’m Pinning and sharing this!

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