Moving???? Tips To Make It Easy!

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A few years ago, it was apparent that my husband was going to move to Iowa for his job. After his job had been outsourced to India, the only choice we had was for him to take a new position that took him several states away from us. Why wasn’t the rest of  the family going? Well, I had two daughters in elementary school and a son on a LDS mission and my husband wasn’t convinced that he would want to stay with this job, so we wanted to make sure it was a perfect fit before we bit the bullet. I know there is several people in the same position as we found our family in. Military families, college students, starting a new job or just starting over! So here are a few tips to make the move easier and make life go a little easier.

1. Hire a mover: Sometimes you can do it on your own but if you are moving a long distance away this can be very helpful. Ask friends and coworkers for recommendations and get quotes from licensed companies. Make sure to find out if your quote is binding or nonbinding, what charge could arise, and what insurance is included.

2. Furniture Rental: If you are in a position like my husband and need furniture, you can always rent some that will make your place a home away from home. Then it’s there when you need it, gone when you no longer need it. Less hassle! Your home will be move-in ready when you arrive. CORT Furniture Rental is more than a furniture rental company. CORT provides services and solutions for your move.

3. Stay Organized: Get a folder that is dedicated to mover related paperwork, such as receipts, checklist and phone numbers you might need.

4.Clean it out: Go room to room and determine what you want to keep, sell, or donate to a local charity.

5. Document: Take photographs or videotape anything of value, and upload the images to your computer.

6. Materials: Start stocking up on moving supplies, including boxes, box cutter, tape, wrapping material, and labels. If you have everything there ready to go it will make your move so much easier.

7. Start Packing: I know, I know, when you are moving, you think you have plenty of time to pack but if you do a little at a time to will go so much smoother.

8. Color code rooms: Assign a color to each room, and mark boxes and furniture with coordinating stickers to ensure movers or friends helping know at a glance where everything should go.

9. Notify utility services: Let the utilities, phone and Internet companies know that you would like your services disconnected the day after you leave and have your new services installed in your new home the day before you arrive.

10. Last-out, first-in box: Have a box ready with your day-to-day necessities so everything will be in the same place. You don’t want to search for the toilet paper when you arrive in your new home!
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