5 Toddler Friendly Sunday Activities

5 Toddler Friendly Sunday Activities



With the arrival of our new little bundle of joy, Sundays have definitely become a much-needed day of rest for our family! With a two-year-old though, resting is easier said than done. These are a few activities I’ve had him do though that I feel are Sunday appropriate but also don’t take much energy from me!

1. Sunday Book Bucket: Have a basket of books that teach about your religious beliefs that you bring out on Sunday. 

2. Sunday Word Practice: Make flashcards with pictures of words you want your toddler to know and quiz him. 

3. Creating art for family missionaries: We have a few extended family members serving missions, and although I still have yet to actually mail them something, Cooper likes to draw the pictures. (I also think it would be super funny to print a picture of them for him to draw on, but I haven’t gotten there yet either! 😉

4. Dancing to Primary songs: Even at two Cooper knows a lot of primary songs. If you’re sick of singing “Once there was a snowman”, invest in a recorded copy and play it till their heart’s content!

5. Sunday Cereal: When we were little we only got “sugary cereal” on Sundays. It was the most exciting breakfast of the entire week! Now that I have kids of my own, I see that it probably was more than just a healthy thing for my mom, it’s a great way to keep your kids happy while you get ready!

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