Fun Mini Cheeseburger Cookies fun for April Fools!

Mini Cheeseburger Cookies fun for April Fools!

Mini Cheeseburger Cookies fun for April Fools


I know, I know, April Fools Day is over, but we had so much fun making these cookies I couldn’t wait until next year to share them. They would be good for a kid’s party or any fast food-themed party!
My kids had a blast making these, and they super easy to prep for, no baking or making anything. Just store-bought ingredients put together with a little frosting glue. 

Mini Cheeseburger Cookies fun for April Fools

  • Nilla Wafers for the buns
  • Thin Mint cookies for the burger
  • shredded coconut dyed with green food coloring for the lettuce
  • Starbursts flattened for cheese or rolled up for mustard and ketchup
  • White frosting for the mayo


Start by putting your frosting into piping bags or cut off the tip of a plastic sandwich baggie and fill it with frosting. 



Mix a couple of drops of green coloring into your coconut shreds. 


Use the plastic baggie to pipe the frosting onto the cookies, so they’ll stick to the other ingredients. 




 Flatten out your Starbursts with a rolling pin.


 Feel free to snack on a Nilla wafer with just frosting… Yummy!




I used a pizza cutter to shape my Starburst into cheese squares. 










 Your kids will love making these! I suggest breaking them down to eat them, the flavors aren’t so yummy together, but they sure do look like mini cheeseburgers!!


A perfect activity for you and your kids for the next April Fools Day!



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