3 Must Have Postpartum Resources

3 Must Have Postpartum Resources

This is 3 Must Have Postpartum Resources You Need In Your Life!
3 Must Have Postpartum Resources
The other day I started to get really afraid of going through labor again. I finally took a moment and sat down and thought about my last labor and everything that happened, and it finally helped my anxieties ease. I think every mom-to-be gets to a point where she knows she just has to accept that they baby is coming out somehow! 
I also was thinking about after the birth too and these three things came to my mind as some must-have resources during recovery!
3 Must Have Postpartum Resources

1. Herbal Bath Soak Recipes: After you give birth, your body will really love a nice soak. These herbal bath soak recipes from Belly Belly are amazing for your physical and emotional health!

2. DIY Padsicles: Yes, the part no one wants to think about. These Padsicles from Pretty Providence are definitely a nice way to take care of yourself though!

3 Must Have Postpartum Resources

3. Postpartum Fitness Routine: This is by far the best postpartum fitness routine I have ever seen. I started it after my first baby when he was about 6 months old because I could tell that even though I was working out, things down there weren’t healing/strenthening correctly. This totally helped!


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