Where & Why To Buy Dance Dresses Online!

Having four daughters, I have had plenty of chances to go shopping with my girls, for dresses for special occasions. My oldest daughter, we would go to every store around to find that special dress that fit her perfectly and wasn’t like anyone else’s. Jessica always looked beautiful but the selection was always limited and all the prices of the dresses were pretty similar because the store’s knew we didn’t have many choices. That was back in the day before I started my love affair with online shopping!

If you are looking for a certain look or a price that won’t break the bank, you need to start shopping online! When Cassie was preparing for her wedding, she was looking for a vintage, short dress and didn’t really want to spend a lot of her budget on a dress that she was only going to wear a couple of times, so the quest began and we weren’t disappointed!


Don’t know where to start??? 

  • Search Engine: Super easy, you can either type into your search engine a description of what kind of dress you are looking for like: modest tea length dress, and then several sites will be listed or if you know exactly the dress you want, type in the whole description and usually it will direct you to the right site or the picture will show in the images.
  • Pinterest: Another fun way to find the kind of dresses you are looking for is to look on Pinterest. Again, type in the description and then you can see several samples of dresses and simply click on the picture and it should direct you to the site that is selling the dress! That’s how my Andie finds her dance dresses.

Andie, my 16 year old is 5′ 1” and is well endowed in the chest area, so every time we went to find a dress in the store it wouldn’t fit because it was either too long and so tight in the chest that she couldn’t move, and she felt like she was never going to find a dress that would look pretty. Another thing I’m always looking for is a dress that is modest and a flattering length, and doesn’t cost an arm and leg! They only wear the dress once!!!

The best thing about shopping online is that you can measure your daughter and find the perfect fit! Most of the sites, you can get a custom fit dress for a few dollars more, and some have free shipping! I know, if you have never done it before, it can be a little scary but most of the sites have a satisfaction guarantee, and you can read the reviews to see what other customers think about the dress you are dying to buy. Seriously, this is the best way to find a dress!


Above, is a picture of Cassie’s wedding dress, and yes, they have long dresses too!  Here is a list of sites that I have used! Happy shopping!


  1. luulla
  2. LatterDayBride & Prom
  3. FabPartyDress
  4. Newsdress
  5. ModCloth
  6. Lightinthebox
  7. JJ’s House
  8. Prom Girl
  9. lulus
  10. MIAGAL
  11. simply dresses



17 thoughts on “Where & Why To Buy Dance Dresses Online!”

  1. I LOVE Mod Cloth! I got a dress from there pre-baby, if they had dresses I could pop my boob out of for my son I would totally get more! I hope after I loose the baby weight to get more dresses. This post just makes me want to dance and buy a pretty dress!

    You should come link up at our Bloggers Spotlight party tonight, we pin everything to our group board and have two separate link-ups, one for posts and one devoted to pins so you get even more exposure!

  2. Online shopping has changed the world we live in, hasn't it? I think it's made the brick and mortar stores are taking the cue from online retailers and getting more of a variety and price varieties. I think in the future it will increase to benefit the shoppers, but for now online shopping has huge perks that aren't available in most areas! The dresses you've shown are lovely and you can tell the girls love them too. That's the best!

  3. So cute and so worth shopping around. I wish more places were like online shopping with prices and varied of dresses, not so cookie cutter. Thanks for sharing on Hope Studios.

  4. I too love to shop for clothing online. I find so many great items! I am so delighted that you shared Where & Why To Buy Dance Dresses Online with us at the Healthy Happy Green and Natural Party! Thank you so much for sharing your gems and for your support! Pinning and sharing! All the best, Deborah

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